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Friday, 9 March 2012

Parking in the BUN!

hopefully this is the last time i write parking in the bun....
but little did i know that on the date of my six months of Sobriety i would inherently be outshined by my all-time favourite record store clerks; who celebrate three months of consumer leftist, cassette and black film dealing bliss. Now, i used to deal drugs but this is way cooler. also, i might add, i've hung down in a lot of record stores. Walking into HOT DOG musique & cinema however = straight up LP boners. constant rotation, local support and trustworthy ears. (outsideof all the bullshit one man bands singing to backing tracks)..... YEA I SAID IT.
now i think i'm going a little bit into too much detail here AND BEFORE I KNOW IT I HAVE TO PUT IN A PESSIMISTIC CHIRP so i'll let their post today take it home:

Today is HOT DOG's 3 month anniversary! Thank you to our supporters and people who are keeping us excited about music and movies. Special thanks to Kellen, Jill, Greg, Gerry, Bear, The Brothers Lourenco, Big Sturge, Jason McLean, The Moorhouse Fraternity, The Soupcans, Andrew No C Zukerman, not Tim Officer, Nicole, Weird Canada, James, Deirdre and Bendan, FCG, Ian, Mike, Justin Chasty, Colin and Connor and Rachel, Quinn, Xavier, Yvonnetje, Dominic and Nancy, Denise, James H, Sean B, Pete, Dan, Bellchambre, and that's just off the top of my head, oh and YOU!

New titles from:
Slim Twig
US Girls
Ty Segall
White Fence
Spacemen 3
Scott Walker
Captain Beefheart
Guided By Voices
TV Freaks
The Outdoorsmen
Total Control
Talk Talk
Construction and Destruction
Connie Converse
Ornette Coleman
Modern Lovers
The Jesus and Mary Chain
King Tubby

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