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Friday, 15 February 2013

New Paths and Fond Farewells

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I write this knowing full well I won't be able to be there to experience a few last magical moments and performances. Nor, to share another story out on the Picnic table or that beloved "outdoor" couch we simply didn't have room for inside.
I'm talking about saying goodbye to the Craven Cottage. It's been a cultural hub for much of what Out of Sound has done in London and served as a home away from home for so so many of us. Nestled behind the Children's Museum down by the River, it was a place where I sought refuge but also was able to reach out and share in the experience of the arts. On February 28th, we say goodbye, and I won't be there to enjoy it. What a better fit to say a fond farewell than the recently pared down post-rock outfit WILD DOMESTIC...

While we will all continue to remember such an incredible space we can recognize that this is a cultural phenomena that is all too important to music scenes all across Canada, North America and pretty much anywhere good people need an outlet to push the boundaires of their community further towards, ahem, enlightenment?
Well, I don't know about all that... but house shows are damn fun and we've had so many:
Raleigh, Evening Hymns, Shotgun Jimmie and Baby Eagle (this was my first jaunt down the street to my future home), Say Domino, WHOOP-Szo, Sam Allen and a flurry of other locals, Bulletproof Tiger, Esther Grey and our communal fav's COUSINS!!!!!! The palce that served inspiration to Lonnie in the Garden, where silkscreening, recording sessions and video shoots were the norm.
I'll do my best not to well up, cause all you need to know is we have two final events:
Feb 17th : WTCHS (hamilton) wsg DUTCH TOKO (guelph)


This is just great and it will surely be missed.... somebody step up and keep it going! What is likely the best kept secret neighbourhood in the city, filled with inquisitive passersby, friendly neighbours, missing cats and the beautiful rumble of a not too distance train; this is my way of saying goodbye, reaching out and asking you all to do the same. Share in the memories!: