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Thursday, 22 March 2012

While I'm away mixing

and finishing the dirty little WHOOP-Szo treats we've been baking up....

For immediate release:
Out Of Sound Records does CMW

Out Of Sound Records is happy to announce three bands from our sexy roster will be playing Canadian Music Week March 21-25, 2012 throughout Toronto. The Lava and Ash, Wild Domestic and newly signed Say Domino will all be taking the stage.
Mark your calendars:
*Thursday March 22nd - The Lava and Ash @ Wrong Bar 10:40pm     Presented by: Truth Explosion and Jagermeister Party
Hear the Lava and Ash’s latest release on cassette here
*Friday March 23rd - Wild Domestic @ Rancho Relaxo 2am Presented by: Two Way Monologues/The Indie Machine 
Put Wild Domestic in your ears here
*Saturday March 24th - Say Domino @ Rancho Relaxo 1am Presented by: Two Way Monologues
Head here to make out with Say Domino
About Out Of Sound Records:
For the better part of a decade Out Of Sound Records has remained under the radar, emerging on occasion to release some of Canada’s foremost DIY releases and often long before their time. Releases from Wintersleep, Shotgun Jimmie, Great Lake Swimmers, By Divine Right, Jim Bryson and other more legendary and long forgotten Canadian documentarians have been the norm. Now with over twenty five releases under their belt, they continue to do “their thing.” Listen here

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Friends oh Friends oh Friends...

Fuck EH!

im sitting in a terminal in Kuujuuaq, yep, getting North.
Still got a ways to go... planes being diverted here from Iqaluit and all over.
Me, i'm hitting the air. I think it's totally fucked i'm rocking a mac book professional, doin it all wi-fi styles. But hey, i'll be able to keep in touch with my loved ones?
Should I write anything about music today?
I can't really decide...
More is it that i would like to touch base with those of you that have seen me off and wished me well.
Got to do it "ALL RIGHT" with the boys in Guelph last night.
Team Domestic...
i miss you all alrighty already.

Water St. Projects
exploring the bad canada

Friday, 9 March 2012

Parking in the BUN!

hopefully this is the last time i write parking in the bun....
but little did i know that on the date of my six months of Sobriety i would inherently be outshined by my all-time favourite record store clerks; who celebrate three months of consumer leftist, cassette and black film dealing bliss. Now, i used to deal drugs but this is way cooler. also, i might add, i've hung down in a lot of record stores. Walking into HOT DOG musique & cinema however = straight up LP boners. constant rotation, local support and trustworthy ears. (outsideof all the bullshit one man bands singing to backing tracks)..... YEA I SAID IT.
now i think i'm going a little bit into too much detail here AND BEFORE I KNOW IT I HAVE TO PUT IN A PESSIMISTIC CHIRP so i'll let their post today take it home:

Today is HOT DOG's 3 month anniversary! Thank you to our supporters and people who are keeping us excited about music and movies. Special thanks to Kellen, Jill, Greg, Gerry, Bear, The Brothers Lourenco, Big Sturge, Jason McLean, The Moorhouse Fraternity, The Soupcans, Andrew No C Zukerman, not Tim Officer, Nicole, Weird Canada, James, Deirdre and Bendan, FCG, Ian, Mike, Justin Chasty, Colin and Connor and Rachel, Quinn, Xavier, Yvonnetje, Dominic and Nancy, Denise, James H, Sean B, Pete, Dan, Bellchambre, and that's just off the top of my head, oh and YOU!

New titles from:
Slim Twig
US Girls
Ty Segall
White Fence
Spacemen 3
Scott Walker
Captain Beefheart
Guided By Voices
TV Freaks
The Outdoorsmen
Total Control
Talk Talk
Construction and Destruction
Connie Converse
Ornette Coleman
Modern Lovers
The Jesus and Mary Chain
King Tubby

Thursday, 8 March 2012


What Dreams are made: Del BEl Oneiric

About halfway through Oneiric, I began envisioning the album as the soundtrack to a significantly lower-key prequel to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. My imaginary prequel would begin after Leo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard wash up on the shores of Limbo and ends when they tear themselves out of the dream (this is all quickly summarized in the film. I always thought it could have been a standalone tale). The prequel follows them while they live as gods inside their own heads, and live a lifetime together in the space of a few minutes. Life is good inside Limbo, until the dream begins to overtake their memories of reality.
Del Bel’s debut embodies this notion of a beautiful dream gone sinister so perfectly. The first three tracks are chipper, pop-oriented tunes that don’t do the band’s range justice. The vocal talents of Lisa Conway are particularly important in getting you through the beginning of the album. She’s a great singer, with a lot of talent for delivering upbeat pop. But it’s at the turning point of the album,Beltone, that she and the band really get going. Conway’s vocals harden to an icy chill, and the band lets loose with a barrage of western-sounding guitars, creative use of dissonance and an increasingly thick and oppressive sound.
Each song on Oneiric turns up the feeling of unease just enough, so that by the end of the album you have no idea how you got to such a strange place. The band is clearly experienced with their craft, and they ought to be, considering it boasts members of Do Make Say Think, The Happiness Project, Ohbijou, Ensemble, Boxcar Boys, Kite Hill and more. It’s a veritable who’s who of Canadian music, and everyone just clicks.
- Chris Wright

Del Bel performs at El Mocambo on Friday March 9th with The Woodshed Orchestra and Alanna Gurr

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Glory Glory

Fleetwood Mac covers.... what a bunch of softies.

Glory Glory recently played host at Halifax monday-night institution  "Rockin for Dollars" , where the band regularly performed when they were starting out oh so many years ago.

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