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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cottage Life

Hey all,

it's been awhile....
first we were on the SAY-Szo tour ( and have lots of fun updates about that amazing time) and since we've been hiding and recuperating at the Cottage.
For those of you who don't know, the Cottage is the Out of SOund headquarters in London;
down by the river and we ain't shooting any babies!

It's a beautiful spot and has played host to some great recording sessions, house show, community dinners and more.

Tonight is one such night:

poster by Eve Nicholson-Smith
Sweet Magic London
Out of Sound Records
6pm - BBQ (London)
$3 Burgers, $2 Hot Dogs
Veggie & meat
7pm - I SMELL BLOOD (London)
Two piece band from London, Bass, Drums, Beard.
Your Epidermis is (Sh)owing, by I Smell Blood 
I Smell Blood 
8pm - FAGO.SEPIA (France)
à l'aise
split w/ gulfer, by fago.sepia 
fago.sepia "treize" 
"There is something of the ethic of Miles’ post-bebop era present in Bulletproof Tiger’s approach. Though the band’s music has a harder edge than those jazz pioneers, their twist on this music-first approach provides a welcome contrast in a world that often values headlines over content." Southern Souls
You Wanna Kiss About it?, by The Bulletproof Tiger 
Rose City Sessions - The Bulletproof Tiger 
live at Craven Cottage in London Ontario Canada
(57 Evergreen - Corner of Riverview)
Tuesday, August 28th 2012
$5 at the door or pwyc