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Friday, 6 September 2013

more psych, more prints, more signings

Out of Sound Records is starting to get the idea that it's a new age psychedelic, art rock record label. Not just your average and mundane garage rock filler version, but TRUE-Psyche. The kind of songs that harken back to the past and move it ever so slowly forward. Ignoring era's like the late seventies and eighties and catapulting psychedelia right back into the future where it belongs. The never ending circle that it is.....

Walrus is one such band. Brother's Justin and Jordan Murphy lead a rag-tag team of flower boys from Halifax. Comprised of six members channeling their inner psychedelia, songs range from trance to surf and end in 1967 at the corner of Haight and Ashbury; except these guys live just over the Macdonald Bridge in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A reincarnation of 60's psyche-pop if there ever was one, their music will adhere to all levels of inebriation or consciousness. Walrus takes you swiftly into a summer's daydream you’ll find yourself never wanting to wake up from. Conga's, simple keys, heavy r&b bass walks, 12 string guitars and falsetto's all find a home in Walrus, with Out of Sound Records.

On their Out of Sound Debut, all the animals come to play with Walrus and all their merry side-projects: Gnarwalz, Shadowfolk and Sheepman. Co-released with Poncho records, the Halifax psyche-cult start-up this 7” spinning at 33.3 rpm explores the new psychedelic sounds of eastern Canada, longtime home of reverb, down-tuning and boy-girl vocals.