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Monday, 24 December 2012


When WTCHS intro'd their song to us for the upcoming split 7" with BLEET, WILD DOMESTIC and I SMELL BLOOD they said they wanted it to sound and feel like it came from their basement and we were all their with them.... to go along with their tape induced ethos we couldn't be happier to spit this one out on wax:

Monday, 10 December 2012

Sneak Peak: Out of Sound 7" Series

With holiday consumptions well on their merry way we wanted to make a couple of announcements and top it off with a little "Xmas Cheer".

2013 is gonna start with a bang, many are still not even sure if they believe it will arrive but in the likely event that it does, we're gonna do it up right! On January 10th at the lovely VAN GOGH's EAR in Guelph, Gain Music will present the release of the latest in the Out of Sound PIE-Series; limited edition, hand-printed, split 7"ers. This time featuring your favourite double drumming band WILD DOMESTIC, Hamilton based, internationally acclaimed basement kids WTCHS, fucking power-duo 
I SMELL BLOOD and Guelph's answer to combat the folkies (we still love you guys) BLEET. This event will be followed by a release in London and Hamilton respectively.
Here's a tasty little sampling from the 7":

Release Shows
Jan 10 - Van Gogh's Ear, Guelph - Bleet, Wild Domestic, I Smell Blood, WTCHS
Jan 11 - Outback Shack, London - Bleet, Wild Domestic, I Smell Blood, WTCHS
Jan 12 - This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton - Bleet, Wild Domestic, I Smell Blood, WTCHS

.... and be sure to catch a show this January as WILD DOMESTIC hits the road with LONNIE IN THE GARDEN:

Jan 16 - Murphy's Pub, Oshawa - w/ Baker Muck Rattlers
Jan 17 - Red Garnet, Peterborough - w/tba
Jan 18 - Quai Des Brumes, Montreal - w/ Loose Pistons
Jan 19 - Pressed, Ottawa - w/The City Above
Jan 20 - Mansion House, Kingston - w/tba
Jan 23 - Ebar, Guelph - Lonnie in the Garden, Alanna Gurr + TBA
Jan 24 - Clintons, Toronto - Indie Machine Presents TBA
Jan 25 - Museum London, London - Lonnie in the Garden, Alanna Gurr + The Allens
Jan 26 - Ray's 3rd, Orangeville - Wild Domestic, Devin and the Darklight
more TBA

Friday, 7 December 2012

Introducing: Out of Sound Outreach Initiatives

Hey all you Indie Bears!
As the winter season falls upon you, we here at Out of Sound Records have been busy. I guess it's the time of year to get all smusheee and sentimental, to think of others and know, to make the world a better place!?! So, while the rest of indie Canada nestles in for the winter months, we're way up north, and we're all over making good on our purpose of being awesome and keeping it real. No hibernation this time. 
So without further adieu, we'd like to introduce one of the many initiatives we're encouraging ALL of our artists, friends and foes to take part in: 

The Out of Sound Rezonance Program


“In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Out of Sound Rezonance Program is an initiative to raise what all the hearts of aboriginal youth can imagine possible. We aim to provide hands-on professional development for artistically and business oriented youth. Through paid internships, guided by a knowledgeable professional, Out of Sound Rezonance hires and trains youth in culturally appropriate ways to develop their creative abilities and entrepreneurial skills through community outreach programs, while also focusing on the development of their capacity to work independently, organize, become leaders, improve self-esteem, and foster the love of art.


Salluit Screens – Salluit Screens is a paid internship program run in Salluit, Qc., an Ungava Bay Inuit community of 1300 inhabitants that is accessible only by plane. Four teenage Sallumiut were picked for the program. They work and train several days a week in their own print shop which is currently set up in a small out-building of Ikusik Public High School. They are learning how to silkscreen everything from T-shirts to album covers to posters. In addition, the program focuses on improving entrepreneurial skills, teamwork, leadership, and pride. The youth often strive to include their own art in their projects whenever possible.
Currently, Salluit Screens (aka Elbow Prints; Ikusik means elbow in Inuktitut) works in partnership with Brighter Futures and the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services, who pay a large portion of the salaries of our trainees and trainer. (Brighter Futures grant 2012)
In addition, New Paths funded the purchase of the silkscreen machinery and initial supplies.

Our first project was to create a logo and print T-Shirts for the Blueprint For Life -  Social Work Through Hip-Hop event held at the Ikusik High School for elementary age students. Not only did our apprentices create the logo and print the shirts themselves but they will also be serving as mentors for the younger kids throughout the week long workshop December 10-14, 2012.

Afterschool / Community workshops - Out of Sound Records will be presenting a series of bi-weekly workshops throughout the months of February to April 2013. Again, these projects will take place in Salluit, Qc. These workshops aim to gather youth interested in recording music and guiding them through the process of writing, recording, producing, and distributing musical works. Though much of the workshops will focus simply on making music and having fun, there will also be sessions dedicated to skills such as networking, promotion, and artistic collaboration. The main goals of this project will be to foster creativity in the youth of the community, as well as ensuring that those seriously interested in pursuing musical careers are given the wisdom and support needed to successfully follow this path.
These workshops are presented in partnership with the Ontario Arts Council, who funded a residency for Adam Sturgeon/WHOOP-Szo to come to this community to make and support music. (OAC Ontario-Quebec Residencies Grant 2012)

for more information or to get involved contact us:


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Noisy Mountain release early b-side

So, we are elated and pleased to announce that WHOOP-Szo have finished the first of three new EP's to be released in 2013... it's a bit excessive we know, but it's been a long time coming.

Stay tuned for more info and leaks! In the meantime we've decided to post a semi-unreleased b-side from the Debut EP - What I Dream is Where I Live. Seeing as it's colder than a witches tata (we love witches, WTCHS and Wicked Witches btw) in Noisy Mountain country, it's appropriately titled:
....Go Out.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Out of Sound's Scrappy Little Bro

In the words of Say Domino....

"Hey Homies.... chhheckkkkk thiz Shiizzz."
I digress. Really, im getting old.

Thank the skies for our tenacious little bro though:

Out of Sound Records is very pleased to announce that it's youngest band SAY DOMINO was listed in a recent NXNE announcement:  The NXNE Year-End Top 60 Tipsheet:

Sharing positions with bands like: Cold Warps, Odonis Odonis, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, Needles//Pins, CTZNSHP and more… that's pretty good company for SAY DOMINO. The list compiled by NXNE HQ seeks to curate a list much like the festival itself; shouting out to some familiar names as well as introducing some new ones. For some SAY DOMINO may be new to NXNE but to London ON, they are a household name, having been around since some of the members were pre-teens. Don't let that adolescence guide you, SAY DOMINO are loud and in charge. They've shared stages with Growlers, Junior Boys, Yukon Blonde, Ladyhawk and METZ and hold their own just fine. Self-described as "Eclectic Grunge!!?!??!", we really couldn't describe it better ourselves. 

2012 saw the release of a beautiful, silkscreened split 7" with label mates WHOOP-Szo and Lonnie in the Garden entitled TRI-PIE  (three bands of a psychedelic nature):

And now, this announcement comes hot off the release of an extended tour and Cassette Single appropriately entitled: The Cold Bodies Tape


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

HPX - holy fucking kick-off

Halifax Pop Explosion oh how I miss thee. I've made the long journey, sometimes with only a single showcase lined up. We would hop in the Diesel and away we would go.... drive for 22 hours play a show and be back in time for the guys to get back to work on Monday. Sometimes they would call in sick and we'd stay an party above the Propeller Brewery if only to make fun of Sebastien Grainger or whatever his name is.

This year is one of those years where I'm pretty sure it sucks to be anywhere but Halifax.
Halifax Pop, where I first met the hilarious Ryan Brown of then Glory Glory Man United. He handed me a copy of Friends of the Scene, their debut ep....
and the first song just blew my mind.
Now, after an arduous cold war battle with their lowly publisher we are finally able to re-release their critically acclaimed album ZOMBIES. Look for it on our Bandcamp now and ZUNIOR in the near future.

  Well, tonight with new and abbreviated name in tow GLORY GLORY help kick off HPX at the illustrious Seahorse Tavern (10:30 PM). Now, tonight there is no shortage of amazing talent playing the finest of Halifax's dive bar scene. Stiff competition that I know these guys are up for. WHat I love about them is that they could really care less if they are "Friends of the Scene", Adam Warren is a new Dad revelling in the creation of a new life with his lovely wife Amelia. Meanwhile Ryan and Gaz are two of the nicest and funny guys I've met. That's probably why I've hit the road with these guys a half dozen times. Well, that and the fact that they are pretty much an incredibly talented crew. These guys are Out of Sound family. Direct, Honest and Real.

Regardless, it would be a shame not to mention some of the other insanely great bands and peeps playing shows tonight:

-Slam Dunk and Humans close out Gus' Pub @ 12am/1am respectively
-Astral Gunk and Crosss give Glory Glory a serious run for their money at Reflections @ 10:30
-Al Tuck is at the Carleton for 11:30

Halifax, you might have treated us like shit in the summer but I love you anyways.
tonight is a night to run around the city and make for the start of a seriously insane week of music.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Yard Sale/Release/BBQ

London is a great community:

There are a lot of happenings AND this weekend is no exception.
It jussst Screams "SO Austin TX, right now"?

Not that I get the analogy but somebody said it over and over about our bustling little arts community.
This Saturday September 15th brings a Whole/hole lotta OUT of SOUND and Friends together for some post-summer hang-ons.

We are super excited to announce the first ep release on Out of Sound for Lonnie in the Garden. There is only one location and event fitting enough for this crew; A Psychedelic Cottage yard Sale and release show.


click on the picture above to learn more about the event

So maybe rummaging through hipsters' unwanted wardrobes and wine glasses isn't your thing.
or maybe you can try this (or both) on for size:



Say Domino w/ the Whoop Szo Gang (Credit: Sebastien Oullet)

Sturge Says Sounds Like: Ur lil bros band that just got better than U.
A Teen Dream turned into a Twentysomething campaign of Rock n Roll excellence. Say Domino was always good, and then at some point they metElectric Jesus er a Psych-Head Producer holed up in the Royal City who said 'hey you guys are good, you should be great'. The brothers Lourenco and the 'Trocchodile Rock' took the advice and one better'd said Outtersounding Knuckleduster. Back from the East where they became a Beast and left 'Cold Bodies' in their path Say Domino prepares each time out for their best show yet. (Stay clear of the kit, that kid's intent on murder.)

SSSL: Crust Bike Gang
From the dugout to the Streets of Warriors, they've been plotting their rise in Garages. These Punks are set to takeover, but they'll start by taking the show. Nuggets lovers and rediscoverers of first wave punk rejoice, they're here for you, but join them or be destroyed.

And know once you're a Baseball Fury yr a Baseball Fury 4 Life.

SSSL: Scavenger Dust Collection
Romancing the Old West, these gunslingers are lovers not fighters, but do not piss them off, they've been holed up rocking in the Garage for far too long. Do not adjust your eyes, the music of Esther Grey makes everything sepia tone. It's really undetermined how long before everybody knows the beauty of this band. And when they do prepare to dish the big bucks as they ride the rails alongside Dylan, Cohen, Neil, Lightfoot and the Pre-'77 Guiness World Record songwriters (Tim Glasgow ref.). For now they'll happily offer you a song for your love.

SSSL: The Sound a Goat makes... in Videogames
'Open up and Bleet for me'. Like a Trans Am (Thrill Jockey) rolling thru town with the windows down and a trio of mad scientists spraying you with Rock'n'Roll and whatever they can get their hands on. There is a commitment here to drive this funnycar into the future. If Phillip K Dick had set down his pen, and learned how to rock he would Bleet you senseless. Bring an extra pair of underwear!

SSSL: Melodic Genius Overload
Kicking things off with flavourful Pop the likes we've not had since Lime Rickey made Pop Shoppe the brand to Bleet er beat. Tyson is a timeless Pop machine corrupted by the digital age and it's portable devices namely the Gameboy (or the argaubly better Sega Gamegear). There are no borders to withhold Tyson's intensity, and that's the way we like it. Come early and prepare to rock and roll and dance the afternoon away.

And to finish off the evening our good buds Lonnie in the Garden have their 'Psychedelic Cottage' release show starting at 8PM.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Psychedelic Pre-Order

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cottage Life

Hey all,

it's been awhile....
first we were on the SAY-Szo tour ( and have lots of fun updates about that amazing time) and since we've been hiding and recuperating at the Cottage.
For those of you who don't know, the Cottage is the Out of SOund headquarters in London;
down by the river and we ain't shooting any babies!

It's a beautiful spot and has played host to some great recording sessions, house show, community dinners and more.

Tonight is one such night:

poster by Eve Nicholson-Smith
Sweet Magic London
Out of Sound Records
6pm - BBQ (London)
$3 Burgers, $2 Hot Dogs
Veggie & meat
7pm - I SMELL BLOOD (London)
Two piece band from London, Bass, Drums, Beard.
Your Epidermis is (Sh)owing, by I Smell Blood 
I Smell Blood 
8pm - FAGO.SEPIA (France)
à l'aise
split w/ gulfer, by fago.sepia 
fago.sepia "treize" 
"There is something of the ethic of Miles’ post-bebop era present in Bulletproof Tiger’s approach. Though the band’s music has a harder edge than those jazz pioneers, their twist on this music-first approach provides a welcome contrast in a world that often values headlines over content." Southern Souls
You Wanna Kiss About it?, by The Bulletproof Tiger 
Rose City Sessions - The Bulletproof Tiger 
live at Craven Cottage in London Ontario Canada
(57 Evergreen - Corner of Riverview)
Tuesday, August 28th 2012
$5 at the door or pwyc