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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Friends oh Friends oh Friends...

Fuck EH!

im sitting in a terminal in Kuujuuaq, yep, getting North.
Still got a ways to go... planes being diverted here from Iqaluit and all over.
Me, i'm hitting the air. I think it's totally fucked i'm rocking a mac book professional, doin it all wi-fi styles. But hey, i'll be able to keep in touch with my loved ones?
Should I write anything about music today?
I can't really decide...
More is it that i would like to touch base with those of you that have seen me off and wished me well.
Got to do it "ALL RIGHT" with the boys in Guelph last night.
Team Domestic...
i miss you all alrighty already.

Water St. Projects
exploring the bad canada

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