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Sunday, 26 February 2012

YES!!!!....Earshot! review - Wild Domestic

harkening to the likes of supertramp and yes?
the long song format?
tribal drumming....

Earshot cuts straight to our prog-rock heart


Wild Domestic
Wild Domestic
Out Of Sound
Wild Domestic’s self-titled EP grabs the listener’s attention from the very first note, and the group’s dynamic sound stays true to the contrast of the band’s name. Songs tend towards seven minutes in length, but this format harkens back to bands such as Yes and Supertramp, and Wild Domestic served the long song format well.

“Universally Known/Already Forgotten” establishes a listening atmosphere sure to please the serious music aficionado. The melodic guitars supported by drums are laid down at the beginning and flow into a full sounding number that melds the numerous instruments together seamlessly.

“What Once Ran Wild” features tribal-sounding drums and melodic vocal harmonies – the latter of which are impressive for a band known for their instrumental prowess. The melodies are a fantastic layer to the track on an EP that features more shouting than vocal melodies.

“In A Well Lit Room,” “Cowboy Boots+Casual Suits” and “Gusty Winds May Exist” all complete the remainder of the EP quite nicely. Wild Domestic takes you on a musical journey that you want to travel with forever.
By Dave Ferguson
Feb 13, 2012

Monday, 20 February 2012

Say Domino - Warehouse Recording

"I like to think of The Say Domino first as friends, secondly as "artists". AS "Artistes they are a great stimulant; their growth never stops; each step is forward and the "domination" are perfectionists in every area they enter.
It has been my pleasure to have a great personal rapport with the group, and working with themhas made business a pleasure. Rather than clutter up this page with well-worn cliches concerning their achievements, I will come straight to the point.....

this is a video of them recording with me and the legendary Harri Palm in Guelph

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cursed Lover's : The Cupid Edition

Arrow's in your Heart...
some sombre love.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wild Domestic for Fan Favourite

CHRW in London is at it for Album and band of the year...
ahem , we vote Wild Domestic.
Yes, we do, though there are many favourites involved in the task.

Click the link to vote

Friday, 10 February 2012

Del Bel in UK Blog The Line Of Best Fit

"No Reservation" is featured in The Line of Best Fit's compilation featuring other notable Canadian bands such as Hooded Fang, The Darcy's, Bernice etc.

Oh! Canada Volume 20

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Say Domino - Out of Sound's new baby brother

Hello out there,

I'm really excited to type this:


It's been a long time coming but Sturge has always believed in us. We have some new songs we are going to record and believe me, we are unbelievably excited to finally record some NEW material.

We're heading in to the shop in Guelph to record some songs the weekend of February 17/18/19 and will be releasing some of said tracks throughout the year.

I can say right now that wee are releasing a split 7" with whoop-SZO in May - and can't think of a weirder or better band to be sharing a 7" with.

We haven't played in our hometown in 6 months, but will have a couple awesome London show announcements soon. We're hitting the road too for a few one-offs and little day excursions.

As of right now we have Friday, February 17th at THE JIMMY JAZZ in Guelph. More shows to come.

Anyways we're very excited to be part of the family now, and to be label mates with our boyfriends Wild Domestic. This is the start of something weird and I like it.

Matt T

PS: A new live video is lurking around on the inter-web, it's us playing THIS IS PISS at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto on 01/28. Little of taste of where we're headed musically.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

She does the city... and she does Lisa Conway

Lisa Conway does Del Bel,
and here is a little interview posted just a short night or two ago.

you can find that link rad here

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cursed Arrows on tour ( New Cassette - Skin in the Shroud)

Gear up for Cursed Arrows.

These guys are fucking emo creeps....
i can't even deny it. Grunge, post-loud, nudes, tats and tour dates

Feb 1 - Hamilton, ON @ Secret Location
Feb 2 - Waterloo, ON @ The Mongolian
Feb 3 - Toronto, ON @ The Garrison
Feb 4 - Brantford, ON (Matinee) @ Copoc Homestead
Feb 4 - London, ON (Evening Show) - @ APK Live w/ I SMELL BLOOD
Feb 5 - Montreal, QC @ Lofty Places
Feb 24 - Dartmouth, NS @ Jacob's Lounge

my new favourite track right now is ONE IN THE BLUE