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Monday, 4 November 2013

Wild Domestic return home; change name

After four integral and shaping years, the boys of Wild Domestic have decided that it is time to move in a new direction. The band is not breaking up, but instead they continue with a renewed focus, under a new name. Prior to returning home from their latest tour of Eastern Canada, the band invited several close friends and associates to their home to share the news with an intimate, celebratory homecoming set. Towards the end of their set, bassist Zon Hoffmundy announced that after several years of incredible support and growth, the band had decided to change their name – SERF KANATA.

From the band:

 As a touring instrumental band in Canada, we feel we have a very tiny voice within a necessary and far greater conversation that needs to take place. SERF KANATA is a natural progression to our current dichotomy and people need to know where we stand. We do everything ourselves and the industry is a vortex. We are in business, alive and well, contently struggling... cogs in the perpetual colonial wheel. We don't always know what to say or how to say it, but hopefully this new name will help guide us in our passions, education and outlook. It may isolate us like our late nights on the road but then again, perhaps SERF KANATA will help us say more. At least it will be our choice. We have grown so much and are excited about the future but we are also indebted to the people that have supported us as Wild Domestic. Our family, friends and fans are the most important thing to us, we will drive anywhere to play for you. For those that have our records and wear our t-shirts, we thank you. Wear them as a badge, play the songs loud! You knew us first.....
long live our black bus.


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