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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

WHOOP-Szo time

With a new 7" split and a slew of summer shows, Mike Bott from HOT Dog Musique & Cinema took the opportunity to check in and set the tone:


An Interview with Whoop-Szo's Adam Sturgeon (Big Sturge)

A little over a year ago I first witnessed the band WHOOP-Szo.  They appeared to be transplanted from the darkest part of the woods.  Where they'd been staying for as long as it would take them to be this great band.  When they emerged the backwater sludge was still thick.  They had the strength and chops of some great Metal band.  And they were firing hooks.  Frontman Adam Sturgeon looked like he was either there to play, hunt or fight.  All in the name of Rock and Roll he did each with every song the band rolled through.

It's a year a few months and WHOOP-Szo sets to return to the APK for Round 2.  This time around the band will be joined by local experimental rockers Exit 2012 and the dueling melody and 'bang bang boom' of rising National Champions (too bad the Polaris people don't consider all the great cassettes released this past year) Each Other.

I recently caught up with aforementioned frontman of WHOOP-Szo and Out of Sound head honcho Adam Sturgeon to discuss the topic of this big return.

Mike Bot: Sturge, brother, I'm stoked to see you guys return on Wednesday.  Let's start out with the standard 'how did WHOOP-Szo all come to be'?
Adam Sturgeon: WHOOP-Szo (sp) is an exploratory.  mostly we talk to plants and pick wild edibles. The band I guess started as a reclusive winter of home recordings and not much else.

'Not much else'? 
Well, there was definitely a lot of coming together with love in those songs as well.

This Noisy Mountain serves as a symbol for what is and what could be, however dichotomous. Together and apart, quiet and loud. you know, the usual.

This Wednesday you're returning to the city.  What are you thinking going in?
I suppose it is nice to come out of our boat cave and drive by noise to the masses. I wonder how many people will come and what they will be thinking about while we play? There is a lot for us to overcome on Wednesday, so together we will do that.

What's happening currently with your label 'Out of Sound'?
Out of Sound has always been this little thing that slowly drives itself forward. It's kinda like me, moving like a turtle, holing up in it's shell when the man throws a road up through my marsh.  Right now we're racing this rabbit who seems to want everything to happen all at once. I see that he is getting tired and soon my painted shell will pop into the "lead".

You've got a strong line-up on Wednesday to stand alongside.  Exit 2012 has had a banner year with their acclaimed performance alongside Damo Suzuki (formerly of Can).  And Each Other, who everybody across the country that has been lucky to see them is in love with.  What's yr take on (the former Long Long Long) Each Other? 
Every once in a while a band comes around and they have this oddly familiar sound. Each Other seem to have picked up where Women left off. Stretching time and conjuring the (as Tim Glasgow would say) "barbershop" melody that we all love about the Beach Boys. Today everything is so interpretive in music and it is nice that a little group from Canada can pop out of nowhere and gain some well deserved attention for skewing that reality just enough.


Usually I ask for tracks from the interviewee, but Sturgio is busy with things, so today I've decided to make a mix for buddy Sturge. 

But first a video that Sturgio introduced me to from a mutual favourite Rick White (Elevator, Eric's Trip, etc.)

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band-I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby (TV Performance)

Elevator To Hell-Three More Weeks

Bad Brains-Banned in DC (CBGBs)

Nirvana-Territorial Pissings (SNL)

The Famines-The First World War

Each Other-Ash Mound

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