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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

TRI-pie ... the Seven Inch Release

 On May 18th, Out of Sound records will humble itself in the physical medium.



---------7" tri-pie------------

Guilty of their local sins... Say Domino has been hiding, abandoned and stuck in an old boat shop on the river's edge. 2012 see's the band fully (un)realized; warehouse tape hiss, blown speakers, cassette, seven inch and throat cancer.


The Garden meanwhile has long been put to bed, but the flowers are starting to bloom; the cottage windows open to a new season and so too, said the songbirds "sing".

Down Down from the noisy mountain, this spring the bear returns from his northern hibernation. The time, the time and atom spins.

Produced by The Water St. Projects
Recorded at the Boogie Barn (Guelph) , Tr. 3 Recorded at the Craven Cottage, London ON
additional recording and mixing done at Ondes Sonores (Ungava Bay)
Released by Out of Sound Records 

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