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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Say Domino - Out of Sound's new baby brother

Hello out there,

I'm really excited to type this:


It's been a long time coming but Sturge has always believed in us. We have some new songs we are going to record and believe me, we are unbelievably excited to finally record some NEW material.

We're heading in to the shop in Guelph to record some songs the weekend of February 17/18/19 and will be releasing some of said tracks throughout the year.

I can say right now that wee are releasing a split 7" with whoop-SZO in May - and can't think of a weirder or better band to be sharing a 7" with.

We haven't played in our hometown in 6 months, but will have a couple awesome London show announcements soon. We're hitting the road too for a few one-offs and little day excursions.

As of right now we have Friday, February 17th at THE JIMMY JAZZ in Guelph. More shows to come.

Anyways we're very excited to be part of the family now, and to be label mates with our boyfriends Wild Domestic. This is the start of something weird and I like it.

Matt T

PS: A new live video is lurking around on the inter-web, it's us playing THIS IS PISS at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto on 01/28. Little of taste of where we're headed musically.

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